Warranty Information:

Equipment offered by FUSION is warranted against factory defects in workmanship and material for a period of one year from the date of purchase/shipment. Limitations of the guarantee are as follows: Abuse, negligence, normal wear and tear, modifications, improper storage, or corrosion but not limited to: improper care and cleaning, damage due to use for which the product was not designed, and equipment abuse. Also excluded from the guarantee is damage due to transit, accidents, negligence. Fusion will repair or replace defective merchandise at its discretion. The FUSION warranty is null and void if the product has been modified or altered in any way, including, but not limited to: removal of a harness’s identification or warning labels or instructions.
The warranty only applies to the original purchaser; the warranty only applies to products from FUSION. FUSION reserves the right to inspect the product submitted for replace or repair prior to giving a replacement or credit. If the product manufacture date falls outside the one-year guarantee limit, or if the damage is due to user neglect or improper usage, the Warranty Department will contact you to discuss repair options and possible charges. You will not be charged without your consent.

Service Life:

10 years shelf and 5-year service life. Service life warranty will depend largely on the usage, maintenance, inspection log, etc. For example, if the products are used in a wet environment, they need to show that they are drying the products and wipe them or dry them before they put away the gears.

User's Responsiblity:

Although the FUSION products are designed to help you prevent injury. There is No Guarantee that injury or death can be prevented 100%. FUSION will not be responsible for any liability or claims on the product that we manufacture. If you, as the user of this product decide to use this product without receiving proper training and safety awareness, then you assume 100% liability. This means even in the case of serious injury or even death, FUSION, will not take any liability for your inability to follow directions from the outset.

Harness Inspection:

Purchaser must watch for torn stitching or webbing; burned/singed areas; abrasion, fraying, cuts. Keep away from sunlight, acids, sharp objects and corrosive chemicals. Wash; air dry away from sunlight, store out of sunlight.

Warnings and Instructions Links:

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