Rock Climbing Tips for Beginners

Posted by Fusion Climb on 5/30/2015
Rock climbing is dangerous. You must understand and practice safe climbing technique whenever you climb in order to reduce your risk of injury, paralysis, or death. You are responsible for your own safety and the safety of your climbing partners. Climbing at indoor gyms and outside on real rock both present serious risks to your safety, physical health, and life. Here are some rock climbing tips for safety.

‘Leave No Trace’ and Responsible Outdoor Adventure

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When it comes to planning for an exciting and memorable outdoor adventure, enthusiasts and groups often focus on location and outdoor essentials. For backpackers and beginning mountain climbers, the main considerations focus on safety and climbing essentials including boots, helmet, carabineers, ropes and harnesses. And for enthusiasts and experienced trekkers, attention is on details and improved specifications. All these make an exciting (and memorable) outdoor adventure, but keep in mind that exploring the outdoors through rappelling, mountain climbing or camping comes with its own set of responsibilities.

What are the Pros and Cons of Bungee Jumping?

Posted by Fusion Climb on 5/1/2015

Some people find it difficult to absorb just how others seek the thrill of bungee jumping. Well, there are many adventurous spirits out there who truly enjoy these risky activities. The fact that there is a hint (or even more) of danger involved is actually why they want to try the activity in the first place.

But apart from the thrill itself, there are other advantages that people can get from bungee jumping.

How to Care for Your Carabiners

Posted by Fusion Climb on 4/22/2015
Climbing is essentially finding a secure spot to tie your rope, and use that rope to tie yourself safely to that secure spot. All of those tying are made possible by carabiners, so it pays to give them your keen attention while you’re on the crag or off it. Just like any outdoor adventurer who wants to come back from any expedition unscathed, you would need to make sure that one of your most important equipment is in excellent condition at all times.

False Expectations Appearing Real

Posted by Fusion Climb on 4/10/2015
Many of us are stricken with fear. Fear of heights, fear of falling, fear of pain, fear of rejection, fear of failure. Mostly we’re just afraid of dying. So why do we put ourselves in situations that make us fearful? Some people enjoy the adrenaline rush it gives, or the knowledge of being able to face those fears head on.

On Rock Falls and Preventing Accidents- Things to Do In Case of Emergency

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Climbing and tackling cliffs and mountains can be difficult and a dangerous outdoor activity. Even experienced rock climbers and enthusiasts still face challenges in the outdoors or when tackling the mountains. Rocks can dislodge from its place hitting a climber below, or a climber can accidentally pull a large block of rock which can sever the lead line. These can cause injuries, or worse can even cost the life of the climber.

Training for Your First Rock Climb

Posted by Fusion Climb on 3/24/2015
You’re not sure what it is, but you have this thing inside you compelling you to scale the side of a mountain. You’re not looking to climb Mount Everest, at least not yet, but you are definitely looking for the real thing. Just the thought of clinging to rock shears like a spider and challenging gravity with your fingertips under a bright blue canopy of sky makes your insides quiver with excitement and the feeling of simply being alive.

Rock Climbing for Women- Learn the Ropes and Discover the Outdoors

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Traditionally associated with men, rock climbing, rappelling and other forms of outdoor activities are starting to gain acceptance among women. Thanks to the availability of equipment and accessories and an increasing coverage from media, women particularly young professionals are starting to look at rock climbing and rappelling in a different light. These activities are now favored by women who view the great outdoors, rock formations and tall buildings as opportunities to have fun and connect with friends.

3 Important Uses of a Safety Harness

Posted by Fusion Climb on 2/21/2015
There are plenty of reasons why people would need to make use of a safety harness. Perhaps your own reason for stumbling upon this page is one of the uses described below. Take a look at why going for a reliable and high quality harness is of utmost importance:

Urban Rappelling- An Alternative Urban Adventure

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Rappelling isn’t just an activity that can be performed in the great outdoors; this highly physical activity can also work right in the heart of the urban jungle. Instead of navigating the tricky heights of rocky mountain ranges and cliffs, urban rappelling offers the participants with an opportunity to try out challenges within the city.

Basic Fitness Needs of Climbers and Mountaineers

Posted by Fusion Climb on 2/1/2015
To perform strongly on the wall or in the mountains, rock climbers and mountaineers, even hobbyists, need to be physically fit and ready. The demands of rock climbing and mountaineering are different than those made by other sports, so the climbers and mountaineers need to follow specialized workout programs. 

Spectacular El Capitan Climb Many Years in the Making

Posted by Fusion Climb on 1/17/2015 to Climbing
El Capitan's Dawn Wall has finally been free climbed. Accomplished by Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgensen over a finger-swelling 19-day period, the Dawn Wall climb has inspired rock climbers and others all around the world.  

Top Climbing Destinations in South-East Asia

Posted by Fusion CLimb on 1/3/2015
South-East Asia is home to some of the top climbing destinations on the planet. The climbing spots in Thailand, Indonesia and the rest of the remainder have rock climbing routes for everyone from a true beginner to an advanced rock hound. 

A Bag for your Gear

Posted by Fusion Climb on 12/21/2014

When you are planning on going rock climbing, whether you are a seasoned veteran or a novice, you must have all the essential equipment to ensure you have a phenomenal and safe experience.

Fall Protection Essentials- Basic Questions about Carabiners, Answered

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Fall protection systems will require tough, industry-rated and precision components to deliver the tasks. Certain components deliver highly-specialized tasks like helmets for head protection, and full body harness that can restrain movements and arrest falls. Other precision components including carabiners though not as focused in its roles are still critical in ensuring fall protection. 

Introducing Rock Climbing to Your Kids

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Getting children involved in sports is undoubtedly beneficial. Numerous studies have been made on this, with results that exhibit how kids who regularly engage in sports become better achievers in life, more well-rounded and confident people, and healthy individuals.

But what about extreme sports such as rock climbing? These days, more and more parents are allowing their kids to try this particular sport as long as it's done in a safer environment such as in an indoor wall climbing facility with experts to guide them. More often than not, athletic parents and especially those who like extreme sports are the ones who are eager to introduce rock climbing to their kids.

A Carabiner by Any Other Name

Posted by Fusion Climb on 11/23/2014
They can be a climber’s best friend. In recent years, though, enterprising folks from all walks of life and hobbies have borrowed this rope-climbing basic for unconventional uses.

Learning to Climb: Gearing Up for Beginners

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As a beginner, you’re in the climbing gym. You've rented rock shoes, a harness, and a belay device. Now you're ready to gear up.

Gym Climbing- A Fun and Safe Introduction to Outdoor Rock Climbing

Posted by Fusion Climb on 9/12/2014
Rock climbing and rappelling are two outdoor sports that require great preparation and training from would-be enthusiasts. It isn't recommended that a person will simply jump into the first opportunity to climb just to lose weight and improve muscle tone and aerobic fitness. An informed and gradual understanding of the activity and training in the sport should be in order to ensure one’s safety and general well being when outdoors. And one way a beginner can prepare for the arduous challenges is to try out gym climbing using all the basic gears and equipment for safety.

Best Places to Climb in Chino Hills

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Whether you are an expert climber or you are just starting out on your climbing journey, Chino Hills is an excellent place to climb.

Top Safety Tips for Climbing

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Climbing mountains can be a thrilling sport. The higher the mountain or the steeper the rock you climb, the bigger the bragging rights – and the better the view.

Rock, Paper, Carabiner

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When we are climbing mountains we tend to feel a bit invincible when we reach the top of them and peer out over what they look at on a daily basis.

How To Get A Great Workout with Indoor Climbing

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Indoor climbing is awesome. Done in a safe, controlled and fun indoor environment, you get the opportunity to climb high and reach new personal heights.

The Equipment You Use To Climb Could Save Your Life

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You found the perfect rope, and after three seasons it is as fuzzy as a squirrel's tail and has flat and mushy spots. Is it time to retire it? Yes. Flat and soft spots in a rope indicate internal damage.

The Basics and Applications of Abseiling/Rappelling

Posted by Matt on 6/24/2014 to Climbing
Abseiling also called rappelling, is the controlled descent down a rock face using a rope. Climbers use this technique when a cliff or slope is too steep and/or dangerous to descend without protection.