Why Choose Fusion?

At Fusion, we manufacture all our harnesses right in our shop in Chino, California. By keeping the manufacturing in-house, we have been able to make custom harnesses and modifications to existing harnesses very quickly. Through this process we have also learned what works and what doesn't for a wide variety of industries. We have spent years working with our customers and working in the field ourselves refining our products to bring you the best. 

Thank you Fusion for your amazing customer service and great products! Our guides and customers really enjoy your equipment. It's so much more fun to climb the trees with Fusion!

Veronika Stevenson

British Columbia, Canada


I started buying and using Fusion Climb equipment about two years ago. I was at a Christmas party where a few of my friends put the idea in my head to start up a vertical climbing school. When I set out looking for affordable but sturdy equipment, I found Fusion Climb in Chino. The sales staff was fantastic to work with and they gave me the opportunity to design a rescue harness, which I did. It is used at my school for all of our classes. I have also been buying hardware from Fusion and in my opinion, the carabiners are superior in quality. They have a large selection of aluminum and steel to choose from. I wouldn't put myself or one of my students in a vertical environment today without being connected with Fusion hardware. 

Jim Hahn

Instructor/Carolina Mountain Company

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